Sunday, April 1, 2018

April 1st (Easter Blog)

Hoppy Easter from All My Bunnies!

Fluffy enjoys a sunny spot
Ben & Simon hanging out

Elijah in monotone

Bags made a friend!

Bags looking so cute today

Sriracha has a magnificent coat!

Zip searching for that one piece of grass

Ollie has some bedhead today

Puss in Boots found a good smell

A flower for me, Roo? Aww you shouldn't have

Catharine in the wild!

Myrtle gets ready to play
Mew needs a sweater today!

Poppy finds a nice corner to chill

I'm smitten with Mittens!

Simon loaf

Percy loves the grass
Tom Hanks loves the great outdoors

Puck is so smug 
Millie rests after a big Easter brunch

Little Freyja on the lookout!

Jasper is still a little unsure

Wally is an angel
Rufina found a stick

April Fools!

Stay tuned this afternoon for photos of your kitties!

Your Blog Host,

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