Monday, April 16, 2018

April 16th

Spring Break is ending and all the kitties are going back to work

Coco comes out for some chin rubs


Roscoe says "How rude!"

Miyu as content as can be 
Simba is a curious baby

Poppy acting coy

So good to see you out Catharine!

Such amazing white whiskers, Mittens!

Janeway settles in for a nap 
Simba has such a natural smile

Squishy Millie!

Roscoes ready to PLAY!

Well that's a friendly greeting from Kaya!

I think Roscoe's found a girlfriend

"I'm taken now!" she says to Archer
Kaya on her way to break more hearts 

Cougar got his favorite cabin back

Moe is looking so cozy in there

I just love how Sebastien prefers to sleep

Pancho is the best!

Colette found a nice high spot to chill

Look at your beautiful claws Freyja!

Sweet lil baby

Oh no! Minka is getting eaten by a shark! 
Leo is just the loveliest guest

"I want lap time right MEOW!" says Elijah

Bags on the move

Boo-Boo in the shadows

Pleeeease will you pet me??

Misu looking for love... all the RIGHT places!

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Your Blog Host,
Angela (& Misu)

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