Sunday, April 1, 2018

April 1st

And now, your kitties!

Zip enjoys the fresh air

Welcome back Tiggs!

Freyja, our resident snow leopard 
Bags likes to show off his wild side

Ollie sings to me!

Elijah enjoys the sun break


Percy comes out to say hi

Typical Myrtle 

Mew, so full of wonder

Wally is a precious little lady

Sriracha joins the party

Tom Hanks is always ready to party

Fluffy in the clouds

Still partying... 
Mama Poppy and her baby Mittens

Bashful Catharine

Rufina in the captains bridge 

PNB keeping watch

Wherever I go, there is Tom Hanks

"Its too cold outside for me!"

Millie girl 
Sriracha shows us just how much she loves the catio

Jasper has been chatting at the birds all morning

Simon is stunning!

Love that coy Millie smile

Myrtle the turtle

Puck is such a silly goose today! 

(In case you missed it, keep scrolling to see our Easter-themed blog!)

Thanks for tuning in! 

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