Saturday, April 14, 2018

April 14th

Spring Love is in the Air

Juno tries to steal my phone strap! 

Cinnamon all tucked away

You can see how silky Nox's coat is

Colette is stunning!

What happened to your tent Roscoe?

He doesn't mind

Little lion Caesar all sacked out

Hobbes is right at home

Mama Poppy has the prettiest gaze

And her babies Mittens & Catharine are the snuggliest

Pepper dreaming of dinner

Janeway struts her stuff

Chaussette is a captivating woman

Bobby coordinates with the catio

Simba trying out all the new spots to find the perfect one
Miyu made it to the catio!

Exploration time

Kaya is one confident lady!

Bobby the bun bun

Millie's signature "half-wink"

Eliza stays nice and warm

No rain on Coug in the cabin! 

Nox is magnificent!

Neko says we need a better selection of books in our bookcase

Archer out and about

Pancho loves a nice bright window to look out

Elusive Jessica

Bags in da club

Bags dressed to the nines

I just want to crawl in there with Misu!

Gabby the catbun

Lovely Leo 

Biiiiiig Oyster stretch 
"No flash pleeeease!"

BooBoo baby

Freyja prefers to sleep on top of her tent

Jasper has the cutest squishy face!

So much to see

Minka Ms. Floofy Toes
Elijah's laser eyes

Loves him some cheek scritches

Well hello Percy!

You're too sweet!
All the kisses for Elijah!

Thanks for tuning in!

Your Blog Host,
Angela (& Elijah)

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