Tuesday, April 24, 2018

April 24th

Life at All My Kitties

How many of them apply to you?

Catio trips for Elijah!
Mlemful exploration

Figaro takes a dirt bath 
Gretchen is so photogenic

Colette lives dangerously in the jaws of a shark

Moja is just precious

Bags can't resist catnip!

Get that carrot!

Don't let that look fool you, Baby is nothing but sweetness and love!

Miyu's got the cutest milk 'stache

Little Penny is here!

Siesta after the catio fiesta for Figaro 
Cutie loves to sunbathe from his own condo

"We haven't had ANY laptime yet today!" - Frankie

Mika the Haus Leopard

Shadow just arrived and he is in the best spirits!

Simba LOVES to warm! 

And so does Samantha 
Otis is one majestic floofy boy

Just purrrrfect

Moose checks out my stylin' leggings

This sweet boy is never far away

Mika getting that sunshine action 
Frankie just waking up from her morning snooze

Kiya is the most curious! 
Penny is very excited about the new fountain

Taking a tour of the water bowls

"Hey guys I'm back!" - Fifi

Wherever I go, Kiya is there

Coy Gooose

Surprised Goose!

Couldn't resist Miyu's lil tongue

Hey Colette whatcha got there?

"I looooove this catnip carrot!"

Moja waiting for some cuddles

Thanks for tuning in!

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