Wednesday, July 11, 2018

July 11th

Kitties are soaking up the rays on a warm day like today.  




Newcomer Sally is already warming up to the place!

Who's that cutie patootie up there? Fresca!

Oreo has a number of techniques for grabbing our attention. 

Pepper puss!  

Ajax is a pretty boy!

Puck appreciates a nice quiet spot.  

Ajax has an outstanding flehmen reaction when greeting new people.  

Milo and Nambo! 

How are you two not related??  

Pretty, pretty Petunia.  


Petunia is loving this weather.  


Pan is a forest nymph.  


Figaro loves to follow the camera around.  

Some good outdoor time for Pan.  

Millie cakes!

Samual lays claim to his condo.  


Are you happy to see us, Sally?


L.E. takes the cake for being a super sweet kitty. 

Siaorse is sure a sweet one.

Noble Costello.  

Colin is a cutie!

Oreo loves attention is any shape or form! 

Gabby is satisfied with her condo this visit.  

Handsome Kodiak.

Adorable Felix.  


L.S. found a private spot in the supply room.  

Oreo loves his condo!

Is that you, Gabby?

Dipper sure looks comfortable!

What is this pose, Gabby?

So dignified.  

Ella, baby!

Colin just discovered a window box.  

Big blog today!  Hope everyone made it in!

Thanks for looking!

Your blog host,


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