Thursday, July 19, 2018

July 19th

Several sets of sibling are boarding at All My Kitties at the moment; Luna and Purr-C, Fresca and Pepper, Leo and Kittles, Mac and Bitty Kitty.  They love to romp around and we sometime find ourselves asking "Which was wich cat?" Like the infamous brother and sister duo, Mungojerrie and Rumpleteaser!

They're a notorious couple of cats!

Collin loves his window boxes!  

Good old girl Aussie.  


Soairse has really warmed up to the place.  

Bobby sure is a cutie!

Leo loves to be up high.  

Hello, L.E!

L.E. has a majestic coat.  


Andy appreciates a nice quiet spot.

Percy is a handome guy!

That you up there, Boo-Boo?

Regal Kittles.  

L.S. is our computer companion.  


Nice to meet you, Kitzel!


Does Freddie Mercury resemble her namesake?

Welcome, Major Tom!  

Pippen loves to be pet on the face!

Inquisitive boy!

May I have your attention please?  

Nice guy Simon.

Chatty Luna.

Arlo is the elf on the shelf!  

What's up, Dommy?

Luna is a delight!

Oreo has the run of the place.  


Fresca is so long and lanquid.  

Is that your shelf, Pepper?

Mac is a sweetie!  

You get it, Fresca!  

Oreo has the perfect porpotion of cookies to cream.  

Bitty Kitty is so pretty!  

Make it a great day, Millie!

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