Friday, July 13, 2018

July 13th

Dipper has his spot on lock!

It's hard to capture how sweet Felix is.

L.E. is looking lioness, as usual.


An Elsa in the window!

 Figaro is a sweeeet boy!

Mabel keeps her cards close to her chest.

Pan is knowledgeable on many topics!



Pondering Pan!

 Kodiak has a prime vantage point here.

 Fresca enjoys being at the center of matters.

 Ajax observes a fascinating community of house cats.

 Pepper gets her best dreaming done in her condo

Kodiak has layers of fluff!

 Ajax, staying elevated!

 Stanley could not resist this napper zone.

 Millie keeps hydrated while Simon stays alert.


 Petunia strikes a pose.

 Dommy settling in for a power nap.

 Sweet dreams, Dommy!

Petunia knows that the catio is where it's at.

Stormy has style and she knows it!

Milo, putting out the vibe.

Sally is ready to nom, nom!

Rise and shine, Follie!

Brody claims his corner.

Costello is a wise cat!


Also Gabby!

 This Oreo is just as sweet without the milk!


 Welcome new arrival, Mac!

 ...and his bro Octane...Beautiful!

Twyla is getting adjusted.

 L.S. has things figured out!

Oscar loves his brother!

Colin loves his Oscar.

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