Tuesday, July 17, 2018

July 17th

Summer Lovin
At All My Kitties

(scroll to the end for a special video!)

Felix helps me answer emails

Percy befriends shy Saoirse!

Not so shy anymore!

Percy is just all love

LE looking fierce!
LS is all floof and feetsies

Colin just can't get enough sunshine

Oscar explores the room

Squishy Andy looks soooo cozy

Bobbin loves a good cave

Aussie loves the cool floor

Boo-boo is all chill, all the time

LE checks out the gorgeous view

Chatty Gabby

I found a lucky Penny!

Fresca does "Vanta black"

"I love you thiiissss much!" - Purr-C

Little Luna curled feetsies

Kodiak is in heaven at kitty camp

Dommy may never want to leave!

All Millie wants is a nice sunny spot to snooze

Simon has the right idea

Purr-C checks out Stormy's toy

Oreo is never far from me

Kodiak our little racoon kitty

Stormy is on top of the world!
Pepper finally explores the catio!

If anyone can become friends, its Oreo and Pippin!

This happened right after Pippin went right in for the head boop!

Arlo is quite a handsome floof

Oreo comes over to put him at ease with his gentle nature

Little Octane is so much fun!

Mac in Action!

Kodiak says "thanks for tuning in!"

Your Blog Host,

Luna helps me clean!

I took this video the last time Luna and Octane stayed with us. Luna often rides on my back when I clean, but Octane wants in on the love! 

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