Wednesday, July 25, 2018

July 25th


Warm fluffy towels for Jasper!  

Roo is loving the catio.  

Maya is quite the cat!  


What a handsome boy!  

Luna ! 


You guys are a great bunch of cats together.  

Lovely L.E.  

L.S. rools the roost around here.  

Cute little Bobbin sure seems content with her condo.  

Great to see you, Percy!  


Welcome back, Tiggs!  

Percy is a pretty boy!  

Andy couldn't get any cuter.  

We like your condo digs, Kitzel!  

Coco is excited to be here.  

Such a lively girl.  

Chloe is very proud of her condo.  

Soairse made it out to the window box!  

Sookie is darling little one.  

Fresca, baby!  

Oyster just arrived for the weekend.  

Welcome, Alice!  

Welcome, Owl!  You're a cutie!  

Tommy, boy!  

Is that your special spot up there, Mia?

Simon is really relaxing today.  


This is were Pepper waits for her dinner.  

Adventurous Jasper.  

Marvelous Gitana.  


Lap time for Jackson.  


Maya loves the outdoors.  

Arlo is trying out all sorts of spots today.  

Make it a great day, Andy!

Your blog host,


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