Sunday, July 15, 2018

July 15th

Another Beautiful Weekend
At All My Kitties!

Brushy Brushy for Floofy LS!

Snuggle buddies Oscar & Colin enjoy the weather

Folie is the nicest gentleman

Sweetest Sally!

Pan prefers the AC today

Samuel is a lover
Petunia loves the camera
Kisses for Figaro! 
Millie is meeeelllllting

Fresca my little shadow 
Sir Simon

Kodiak does his best bobcat impression

Toons gets so excited for attention!
Its a party with Dommy & Stormy! 
Stormy has the best view in the house

Dommy is living his best life

Bathtime for Octane!

These two couldn't be any sweeter!

Kodiak Bear!

Welcome back Luna & Purr-C!

Simon finds a nice cool spot

Fresca scopes out a sunny spot

Ajax beckons for petting

Pepper feeling a little camera shy

Biiiig yawns!

Bashful Brody

Puck loves his cool and cozy basket


Nando with the glowing eyes

Puss N Boots surveys the cattery

Samuel are you coming out for some love?

Saoirse has really come out of her shell this week

Lovely LS

Andy is just a kitten at heart

Percy was playing in the water before I snapped this one

Gabby snoozing away 
Oreo and Felix have become buddies!

Felix is a big snuggler

Showing off his toe beans!
Oreo makes friends easily with his sweet nature
Partners in Crime

Twyla finds a nice quiet place to siesta

LE reaches out for more pets

Such a glorious floof!

Ajax always knows how to get my attention

Welcome floofy boi! Arlo gets cozy on his first day

Floof party! Brody coaches Arlo about cattery life

Milo is an adventurous boy

The perfect tee for a cat wrangler!

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