Monday, July 23, 2018

July 23rd

Keepin' it Cool

At All My Kitties

Maya is the best door greeter!

Family Photo!

Percy enjoys the sunshine
Andy is made of sugar and spice and everything nice!

Cyan is always happy to get some lovin 

Too hot in the window box for Percy now

I caught Wally gazing at the...wall

Probably gazing into a portal to another dimension

LS peeks out from the chair 
Chloe and Coco know each other well

Chloe cutie! 
Sookie loves her condo but never lets us pass by without a pet

What a man, what a man, Purr-C is a mighty good man

Fresca hangs out with her prey

Snuggle party with Pippin and Luna!

Such a flirty girl

Precious Pippin

Baz doesn't let the heat keep him inside

Tommy is such a curious little one

Chloe is the Queen!

His Floofiness, Sir Simon

Simon strikes a pose while Andrew admires

Lovey Luna plotting her next shoulder ride 
Baz is living his best life

Arlo is so excited to see me!

Jasper the kitten is excited to finally get to play in the catio!

Arlo is such a luxurious boy

Purr-C purrs for me

Gitana is all legs and tail

Mia usually dances around her condo before she lets me take a picture

Jackson don't let your brother Jasper have all the fun!

Halloween cat?
Or happy to see me?
Pepper is as sweet as can be!


Such a chill lady

Little Coco beans

Bobbin comes out to show us her extra toes


LE finds a good spot to wash her paws off 
Roo is a full blown catio cat now!

"Ta-Ta for now!"

Thanks for tuning in!

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