Tuesday, July 3, 2018

July 3rd


Millie is in charge of the catio
Skylar enjoys the lovely weather

Rocky that face is too precious!

Simon and Milo, a couple of loafs
We played the appropriate radio station today in honor of our new guest, Jazz!

Luke gets cool

Simon wishing he had his beach front to stroll

We're gonna miss Milo when he leaves today!


Dipper back to his favorite perch!

Darcy & Moose explore every inch of the cattery

Mabel settling in for a siesta

Figaro found a shady spot after a long nap in the sun

Welcome back Coco kitty!

Pan gets cozy in his condo as he settles in

Magnificent Skyler

Pepper is so serious...about getting love!

We just love Fresca's fun attitude

Almond is a joy to host!

I sure love it when Luke sits like this
Jazz finds a warm catio spot

Pancho's dreamy eyes
(probably the best pic I've ever taken of him!)

Sleepy Mika

Oreo about to commandeer my lap!

Percy & Jack Black are bunk bed kitties!

Welcome back Ben!

Phil is a perfect little soot sprite

Enchanting Esme

Loki baby!

Such pretty floofy toes Phoebe!

So happy to have Miyu back!

LE right at home

Saoirse is the sweetest

Apollo finds his divine inspiration

LS soaking up the sun

Little Chloe found a new hangout spot

Loki my little helper

Jack Black sees something interesting...

Catnip banana! Careful LS, Jack is eyeing it too!

Peaceful Percy

Phoebe and her collection

Another day in paradise for Phil Collins
Percy hears some commotion up top!

Cammy all snuggly and warm!

Captain Ameowica says "stay safe tomorrow and thanks for tuning in!"

Your Blog Host,

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