Monday, July 9, 2018

July 9th

So hard to get work done with all these sweet kitties!

Rocky & Mack catching some zzz's in the catio

Dipper is ready for action!

Felix knows he can get all the lovins from us at the desk

Its Gabby vs. Gabby in the window boxes!

Saoirse finally at home

Angelic LS

And his most sweet sister LE!

Welcome Newcomers, Colin & Oscar!

LS looking majestic

Shepard loves her personal lounger 
Welcome back Ella!

Costello getting cozy

Shepard checks out the view

Oreo is quite the lap lover


Thirsty boy Dipper

Stanley has become a crowd favorite

Petunia loves pets! 
Magnificent Millie

Simon found the best spot to greet customers

Stanley Love is always looking for love

Mack practically lives in the catio

Playful miss Fresca!

Pepper loves to watch the action 

Stunning Skyler suns himself 

Figaro loving life

We are all so stoked to have Kodiak back! 

Little Mabel gets adventurous!

Kodiak always finds da bird laying around

Millie are you ready for dinner already?

Too hot, need shade

Figaro's coat is so warm now!

Look at these two snuggle babies!
Milo & Nando are too precious

I caught Pan as I walked around the catio

So many little time...

Who knocked over the water bowl behind me?

Probably Kodiak!

Costello gets some sun action

Felix has become quite the confident guy!

Oreo gets toasty

Thanks for checking us out! 

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