Saturday, August 4, 2018

Aug 4th


We found time for a quick SeaFair blog!

Buddy wants to join Pancho & Fresca's floor nap party

Roxy is really starting to warm the place up!

Millie girl


Right back atcha Lopo!


Basso is luxurious

I can always count on Mia & Gitana for some love

A favorite Raleigh pose of mine

Little Chloe

Bee is buzzing around!

Lounging Lopo

Frank has magical eyes

Pepper is so demure

Fresca keeps her toes warm

Panchie boy!

Buddy is pleased to have made so many new friends

Zolo fits right in

Pislik still settling in

Maggie is magnificent!

Mika never stops spinning when she's excited

The airplanes giving Ms. Bee the airplane ears

Roger & Junies are two peas in a pod

Princess Andromeda!


A very important meeting of the kitties
(Steve, Hugo, Echo & Ziggy!)

Jack Black contemplates a new movie idea.
A rock opera...with cats!

B - A - B - Y baaaaaabaaaay

Juno has the best face when avoiding the flash

Elsie is steppin out

Neko checks out the view

Tiny Jackson loaf with a blep!



Luna Lovebug

Nazale surveys the room

Hugo, do you want to join Marie's party?

Don't steal the camera, Echo!

Percy and his personal window view

Steve is such a nice guy!

Thank you for your patience and for checking us out!

Your Blog Host,

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