Saturday, August 18, 2018

August 18th

Picturesque Millie 

Sweet little Carlotta

Puss n Boots is more interested in playing than being photographed

Cesar is the sweetest little lion

Braveheart seeks pets on the cat tree

Hera is a love

Playful Panqueque

Frankie! Heading to the Catio


Roxy stays hydrated on this sunny day!

Jinghao explores

Sister Xinhao naps on the windowsill

Padstow is a little kitty loaf

Mew has the prettiest eyes

Mew brought me this toy

Jazz taking a trip outside

Tiger with a photobomb from Tommy

Tiger rolling around!

Tommy decided he wanted to roll around too

All sorts of cat beds and Marcelline climbs in a cardboard box

Okay maybe Chausette is the sweetest little lion 

Maggie all curled up 

Thane is happiest sleeping in his condo

Handsome Newton settling in

Hobbes is such a sweet angel

Le is a lovebug

Saoirse is shy, but she let me pet her right after this!

Old man Costello is cozy in his condo

Nina is so cute

Sweet Jade

Raffy found a high perch

Oyster chills in his Hello Kitty tent 

Nixie naps

LS snuggles up high

Steve is wondering why I interupted his nap 

Jackson is mad that I stopped petting him to take this picture

Tycho is so sleepy!

Your blog host - Devon =^..^=

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