Saturday, August 25, 2018

August 25th

Ben and Moose touch noses 

Steve is the most helpful cat

Tycho sleeps

Curious Raffy

Pretty Raffy!

Ben stalks towards the camera

Moose steps out on the town

Honey up on her favorite perch

Loki makes sure his eyes always match his bedding

Percy is relaxed 

... and luxuriating 

Smokey curls up in the sunlight

Follie helps answer emails

Regal Chausette

Gentle Zolo

Roo poses on the stairs like a teen going to prom

Pretty Qtip!

Cesar streeetches

Lamar surveys the room

Neko lounges

Look at Oliver's little beans!

Fluffy Pudge 

One of the few moments Kaplan wasn't actively trying to climb into my lap


Cesar plays with a toy

Theo takes a field trip to the catio!

Jazz loves the catio

She also loves to YELL

Simba found a cozy spot on the catio 

Shy Bourbon starts to open up

Newton and Padstow were hanging out on the same shelf

Padstow was napping

Kat explores

Bing wants to chomp on the plants

She gave up when she couldn't reach them through the fence

Sweet angel Maggie 


He's like: "Did you just take a photo of me yawning?"

Goose getting settled

Precious Braveheart hanging out in her condo

Salacious Smokey

Nixie is a purr machine!

She knows how to have a good time!

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