Monday, August 27, 2018

August 27th

Lamar sticks his tongue out at me 

Maybe Lamar and Neko were sticking their tongues out at eachother

Smokey snuggled up 

Ben is such a friendly boy

Raffy rolling around...

... wanting pets (cameo by Loki)

Folie tucked in behind the computer

Ben hanging out in Phil Collins condo

Ben perching on a shelf

Phil Collins isn't so sure about Ben hanging out in his condo, but he's giving him a chance

Percy sleeps in late

Tycho is sleepy

Goose is a sleeping angel

Tinkerbell surveys the room from the top of the stairs

Oliver has a tiny little meow

Bourbon likes his condo

Bing found a tall perch

Kat explores the cat tree

Moose takes a field trip to the catio 

Such pretty eyes!

Roo takes a nap 

I woke him up

Newton sunbathing

Newton rolling around in the catio

Padstow has a relaxing afternoon in the sun

Pudge found a hiding place 

Neko considers the catio 

Such a gentle giant!

Lamar enjoys his last day on the catio before heading home

Smokey rolls around in the sun

Nixie camping out in her Hello Kitty tent

Mack's first day! He's settling in nicely!

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