Thursday, August 30, 2018

August 30th

Nixie licks her lips

Pretty Oliver

Ollie in a tent!

Penny squishes her little tent down and plops on top of it

Tinkerbell lounges 

Misu on the catio 

Neko looking out the window

Frank on a catio shelf

Lopo likes the catio!

Padstow is always happiest sleeping on the catio

Newton's little fangs!!!

Newton was trying to jump in my lap, I told him he had to wait until I took a picture

Sweet little Newton

Blizzard plays with my shoe laces

Jean Grey cozy in her blanket nest

Kat sunbathes


Goose in her condo

Who let a leopard into the catio???

Oh phew, it's just Drake

Cozy Mack!

Smokey hangs out on top of the condo

Phil Collins is such a sweetheart

Cuddly Ben

It's so hard to take a photo of him because he just wants pets 

Follie still hanging out behind the computer, it's her spot

Cute Aussie

Louie knows how to find his light

Tycho hangs out with Raffy and Smokey

Raffy is so handsome

Raffy and Smokey lounge together!

Bourbon all curled up

Bubba's first day!

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