Wednesday, August 8, 2018

August 8th

What a cat, that Marcy!


Marcy loves the outdoors!

Queen Bee.

Bee is as pretty as a painting.  

A subtle difference in the gaze.  

Zolo on the move.

Someone hit the snooze alarm for Simon!

Amusing Tana.

Blaire couldn't wait to step foot in the catio. 

You're going home today, Basso!

Where are you headed, Zolo?

Kashi cakes!




Fresca is a busy girl.

Luxurious Pepper.

This is Roxy's condo!

Lovely Rina.

Roxy is coming out to say hello.

Good to see you again, Pepper!

Chloe, baby!

Ella is satified with her high-up condo.

Where are you off to, Maggie?

Pepper just arrived for another stay.  

Chairmain Meow is ready for dinner!

Gorgeous Gabby

Jackson NOM NOM NOM!

Lip 'smackin' good, Pislik!  

Andy is a ham!

Percy Poodle!  

Neko is a laid-back kind of cat.

Tana and Rina!

Esme, Darling!

Steve has expressive features.

Nyla just arrived for a visit.  

Sweetest Diablo. 

Hoaloha has returned!

Welcome back, Frances!

Handsome boy, Buddy.

Have a great day!

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