Thursday, August 23, 2018

August 23rd

Honey gets some fresh air.  

Smokey's back!

Theo is such a nice guy!

Benny baby!

Tycho in his cute Phantom of the Opera mask.  

Well HELLO there, Percy!

How's it going, Smokey?

Cat is always ready for dinner!

Would you like to play with the toy toy, Raffy?

Magnificent Smokey.  

Braveheart wants everyone to know that this is HER condo!

Pudge just arrived for another visit!  


Xinhao is a doll.  

Jinhao can't resist saying hello.  

Newton has a determined look on his face.  


Sophisticated Kaplan.  


Oliver just arrived for the first time and he's already warming up to his new surroundings.

Puss N' Boots rules the catio with velvet paw.  

Pretty girl Jazz.  

Big day for Follie-- catio feildtrip!


Follie the Magnificent!

Day dreamin' Ceasar.

Padstow lives for the outdoors!  

Dependable Newton.

Kaplan wants a hug!  

Steve is a luxurios boy.  
He loves to lounge.  

Just step over him!

Chausette enjoys the simpler things in life.  

Floppin' Braveheart.  

My, what pink toes you have, Ben!

Darling Nixie.


Roo is all over the place today.  

Is that blue CHEESE salad dressing, Steve?  


Have a great day!

Your blog host,


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