Monday, August 20, 2018

August 20th

Our kitty guests aren't just okay...

They are the best!

Not sure where Penny begins and ends!
Raffy in the rafters

Nixie and Mary share a perch

Isis looking fabulous

A classic Percy pose 

Jade's Green Eyes

Welcome Theo!

And Honey!

Tycho takes a selfie

Kisses for Devon from Kaplan!

Hera is one active kitty!

Kaplan can make that door in 2.3 seconds!

Xinhao peeks out

Lovely Hera!

Caesar is playing the class clown today

Tiger is as cozy as can be!

Padstow right at home in the great outdoors

Jazz has a siesta

Puss N Boots looking mighty

Sweet and social Tommy boy!

Big Frankie yawn

Roo rarely comes inside now that he has discovered the catio

Mew is always a fun guest

And Panqueque too!

Newton is enigmatic

Chaussette shows off for us

Hi Cat! 

Jinhao is such a silly boy

Braveheart could not be any cuter! 
Thane warming the place up

Carlotta found a bed to match her stunning eyes

Coco's back for a surprise visit and we couldn't be happier

Always know where to find Maggie

Steve is one chill dude!

Nina snuggles!
She says thanks for checking out the blog!

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