Monday, August 6, 2018

August 6th

So many kitties to say good-bye to today

But so many more to come!

Kashi is handsome AND sweet as pie

Little Miss Tangerina!

Welcome sweetie girl!

Simon knows how to get all the ladies

Beautiful Beastly Basso

Buddy is so aptly named, making friends everywhere he goes!

Little Bee has been buzzing around the catio all weekend

Welcome Marceline, the Catio Queen!

Everywhere I go, there he is! My Buddy! 
Ella takes a quick adventure in the catio

Does Tana want to fight? 
Or love?

How about both? 
If you haven't heard, Fresca gives the BEST kisses

Pancho kitty boy with his curled feetsies

Confident Chloe
Cozy Chloe 
Pislik finds his carrier to be the most cozy

Maggie so lovely to join us in the catio!

Kashi is crashed out as Frank peeks out from his shady spot

Zolo likes to ride solo

Whats in the box?!
Flat Fresca

Maggie has a Technicolor Dreamcoat

Pepper could inspire me to become a sculptor

Ravishing Roxy

Percy misses his doppleganger, Jack Black! 

Andy does the most adorable "pet me" dance I've ever witnessed

Luna likes to help me clean the condos

Gabby, with the gift of gab

Well hello Steve!

I didn't catch them this time, but Steve and Meow have been snuggling together up here

Luna, you can't sleep on the job!
We have condos to clean still!

Jackson knows where to get our attention

Diablo wonders what all that racket is about

Neko, a gentle giant

Steve gets ready for dinner

Jackson helps out with the blog
(featuring Padme, the tattoed arm cat!)

Thanks for tuning in!

Your Blog Host,
Angela (& Jackson)

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