Monday, July 1, 2019

July 1

Sweet summertime!

Ringo watching the clouds go by :)

"I'll take my meal in my room, thank you." -Blueberry

Brutus bareeely fits on the platform!

Buddy giving us glamour. 

Cinnamon - don't look too comfy! :)

Send halp! Can't breathe!
Parkour is the Snuggle King!

Dusty is so photogenic. 

Fantastic Fin. 

Frank seemed a little surprised!

Frankie yawning it out. 

Hazel tucking in. 

Henry checking out the neighborhood.

Hugo, mid-pounce. 

Hyra, or "Cootems" is having the time of her life this summer!

 Joyful Juno!

Loki amongst the ferns. 

All Lopo needs is a "do not disturb" sign :)

Louie getting ready for his morning lounge.

Luke, loving life. 

Brutus and Maddie are best buddies. 

Marcie catching some rays. 

Mika looks so majestic. 

Stanley loves to spend Angela's lunchtime on her lap

Millie has found her own secret spot. 

Minna, surveying her kingdom.

Misha and Ciapka are loving the office.

Moose is just so gorgeous.

Nimbus is up in the clouds. 

"I always feel like somebody's watching meeee..." -Hazel and Nox

Nox enjoying his afternoon nap.

Oyster is so cozy.

Pan is SO silly! :D

Parkour just before he gave a ginormous hug :)

Blueberry and Quinoa!

 Quinoa out on the catio. 

Rocky and Luke.

Rocky in full chill. 

Roo on his way to the top!

Sadie loves the window views. 

Scout is claiming the purple cabin for herself!

Simon is all paws. 

As we all know, cats love boxes.

Stanley always manages to find the sun. 

Toby taking a casual selfie.

Our favorite little guys, Toulouse and Biarritz :)

Washi saying "hello!"


Have a great start to your 4th of July week!

Maddie, Angela and the All My Kitties Team

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