Saturday, July 27, 2019

July 27

The Best of Caturdays 🐱

The rain came in last night, but skies are clearing! 🌞

O'Malley is looking gorgeous in 

front of a beautiful background!

Amos getting comfy. 

A beautiful close-up of Bean!

Ben has made himself at home.

Caesar is our resident "Lion King". 

Candy just waking up from a nap. 

Charles has snagged his favorite catio cabin. 

Chaussette is the most majestic girl ever!

Welcome Duncan!

Frankie out and about!

Hobbes is back at it again in his favorite catio spot.

Jyn is so cute with her giant whiskers!

Kayla living her best life in the solarium. 

Say hello to Lily!

"Excuse me, this is MINE!" -Lucki

Marvelous Molly on the comfiest blankie.

Gitana and Mia are quite the dynamic duo.

Oyster and Fresca love being up high!

Pepper is our favorite shy guy.

Puss n' Boots loves giving kisses!

Ciao Rovello!!!

Roo and Maddie match!

Sadie thinks she's being sneaky 😹

Sage - so picturesque! 

Simon is all snuggled up. 

Sylvie loves helping with the blog!

Roo has found the tent of his dreams.


Have a great weekend!

-Maddie, Allison and the All My Kitties Team

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