Friday, July 19, 2019

July 19

Rainy days have us snoozing!!! ☂

Despite the rainy summer weather in Seattle thus far,
our cats are still having a great time!

Quincy enjoying the catio despite the rain. 

Bean is so cozy :)

Bitty Kitty is such a playful little lady!

Blaire: "Please hold my calls."

Bobby is the same color as a perfectly toasted marshmallow :) 

Say hello to Brody!

Time is always on Chiapka's side. 

Finou is shy but so sweet. 

Frankie loves the window boxes. 

Hey there, Fresca!

Frida is just so cute. 

Welcome Gitana!

A wild Hobbes appeared!

Idgie is still a little shy!

We just can't get enough of
Jinx's collar and expressions!

Kaplan has so much personality!

L.E. is a very photogenic lady.

 Loki settling in for a nap.

Mac looking gorgeous!

Maisie loves a good head scratch. 

Welcome Mia!

Blaire and Mika: duct tape is like the Force.
It has a light side, a dark side, and it holds the world together. 

Mika in her favorite spot at the top of the stairs. 

Mira is just so sweet.

Mishka is VERY glamorous. 

Welcome Navi!

Nim and Nix!

Pretty Pepper :)

Puss N' Boots living his best comfy life. 

Quinoa is soaking up the sun. 

Roo doing a nose boop.

Roxy in her favorite afternoon spot. 

Sassy Sadie!

Saoirse and L.E. love their condo. 

Simon is just so cute.

Skylar is such a beautiful boy. 💖

                                            Terrific Tyson.


Stay dry out there!

Maddie, Allison, and the All My Kitties Team