Sunday, July 7, 2019

July 7

Lazy Days of Summer!

Jazz looks lovely out on the catio.

Simon and Mr. T take advantage 
of the garden views and fun boxes!

Hello again to Baz!

Braveheart is such a sweetie :)

Ciapka and Mishka looking cute as always. 

Dusty looks very zen. 

Frank always makes us smile :)

On top of the computer is one of Frankie's favorite spots.

Henry all tucked in.

Hugo wants to be turned into a painting :)

Jinx is so distinguished.

This is definitely Kuro's spot. 

Welcome L.E.!

 Reallll casual, Loki :)

Luke in a cabin!

Marcie is Queen of the Stairs.

Millie's favorite basket. 

Nice to see you too, Mishka!

Moose looking so cute. 

Hello Mr. T!

Orca catching some zzzz's!

Quinoa is just a delight :D

Relaxing Raffy.

Rocky looks so peaceful.

 Hello again Soairse!

Secretive Simon :)

Skylar is such an elegant cat. 

What are you up to Stanley?

Dusty and Toby are best friends and love playing and hanging out together!

Welcome back TomTom!

Baby in her super secret spot!

Say hello to newcomers Tyson and Mira!

Cute Cinnamon!

Grace getting so cozy!

Juno is thinking it's naptime!

Lopo: up close and personal.

Louie getting a great view of the garden.

Mika is just so darling.

Nox looks a little suprised!

Perky Polly!


Have a restful Sunday everyone!

-Maddie, Angela and the All My Kitties Team

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