Thursday, July 11, 2019

Pizza Party Time!
In celebration of some birthdays, we threw the cats a "pizza party" (don't worry, it's just a toy)! 

Lopo grabbing a slice!

Simon taking his time with his slice. 

Marci is overjoyed!

Quinoa joining in!

Agatha is our resident computer cat.

Baz, you look so comfy!

Boo Boo is telling us it's naptime!

Cute Ciapka.

Cinnamon and Baby getting a rest in.

Cody and Kathryn love their cat bubble!

Elsie saying "hello"!

We always know where Frank will be :)

Frankie looking so regal.

Fresca is cute as a button. 

Glover has the sweetest face.

Polly and Grace are our favorite sisters :)

"Just doing some filing..." - Hazel

Handsome Henry.

The catio is Jazz's favorite spot.

Leo is so cozy. 

Mira has found her spot. 

Mishka is so photogenic :D

Nim and Nix all cuttled up. 

Nox looks like a hibernating bear :)

 Pepper is living his best life.

Quinoa, Baz and Mika having a party at the top of the stairs. 

Roxy is telling us all about it!

Sadie is loving the catio.

 L.E. and Saoirse are taking it easy. 

Skylar is such a handsome boy.

Toby is king of all he surveys.

TomTom posing!

Tyson is a comfy little guy. 


Have a great rest of your week!

-Maddie, Allison adn the All My Kitties Team

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