Tuesday, July 23, 2019

July 23rd

We Hope You Like Cats!

Cuz We Have a Bunch Here!

Lucki is out and about!

Blaire contemplates a leap
But first, head scritches

Candy is right at home in the catio 
Ciapka takes in the view

Diablo looks cozy 
Finou has the sweetest voice

Such a lovey kitty 
Frankie baby!

Ciapka gives me the "pet me" eyes

Frankie gets all the love!

Frankie loves to roll around when she's feeling happy

Fresca found a toy!

Gitana would rather sleep in her carrier!
Sister Mia feels the same way!

Idgie finds a nice hangout

Kayla & Sylvie are getting our money's worth out of the new cat solarium!

Did you want your old condo, Lucki?

Luna is getting sleepy...

But not before she gets some snuggles

Do you love that condo Ciapka?

Miss Molly is back!

Navi is a quiet little mouse 
Pepper silently announces himself

So demure

PNB is thinking of mom

But happy to be outside 
Purr-C contemplates dinner

...and looks around wistfully

Roo loves to spend the day in the catio

What a face!

Roxy is all legs

Idgie is a little mink!
Welcome Newcomer,
Russell Wilson!

Sadie would live in the catio if she could

Russell has a lovely silhouette
Sadie has the sweetest little round face

This gal has some "Sage" advice for us

Simon is such a chill dude

Russell watches the birds in the garden

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