Tuesday, July 9, 2019

July 9th

All the Kitties are Relaxing
After a Long Holiday Weekend

Loki says "Love Me!"

Bazbeaux lives for the catio

Ready for his close-up!

Boo-Boo likes using his carrier for a bed

Cinnamon stares up at his brother Nox
Whats up Nox?

Cinnamon is sittin pretty

Mishka & Ciapka are coordinated

Baby loves a cozy tent

Always know where to find Frank

Frankie looks for some love

And enjoys the fresh air 

Welcome back Fresca!

The most adorable tiny kitties

Grace & Polly are as sweet as can be!

Hazel makes an excellent office assistant

Henry is about to fall asleep on the job

Mika and I have been bonding during her long stay

Marci is back in action!

Jazz would live in the catio forever if she could! 
"Tell me ALL about it!"

Loki is caught!

Lovey Lopo

Still a kitten at heart

Mishka is so photogenic

Welcome back Nim!

...and Nix!

Polly loves to pose for me

Thats a nice foot you got there Quinoa!

She is just the cutest lil kitty! 
Quinoa it looks like you forgot to put your shoes on

Sadie is starting to settle in 

Our man Simon

Stoic Skylar

Tyson & Mira are quite the bonded pair

Dusty & Toby were fast friends

Enjoying some playtime boys?

I love when Toby sits like this

Belly rubs for TomTom!

Such a good boy
LE loves to come out and greet the customers 

Toby says "thanks for watching!"

Your Blog Host,

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