Wednesday, July 17, 2019

July 17th 2019

There's no better way for Hobbes to spend an afternoon than in the catio.

Sadie is quite the looker!

Cutest little Bean! 


Confident Blaire.

Inquisitive Skylar.

Bobby has a lot to talk about.

Mishka gravitates towards the highest place in the room.

Finou is a darling girl and she's warming up nicely on her first stay.

Frankie loves hanging out in her carrier from home.

Fresca rules the roost around here!

Glover in the window box.

Coming out to say hello.

Pepper seems satisfied with her condo assigment.  

L.E. has been busy greeting all of the customers. 

Sweetest Soairse.

Roo on the move.


You slay 'em, Jinx.


With the pixie ears!

Mac is drawn to splashing around in water.  

So is his sister, Octane.  They must be birds of a feather.  

Maisie has really come out of her shell!

Charming Mika.

Mira and Tyson are best buds forever!

Day-dreamin' Mishka.


Nixs always looks so relaxed in her basket. 


Jumps for joy!

Regal Quincy.

What Roxy wants, Roxy gets!

Make it a great day!

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