Friday, July 5, 2019

July 5

We made it! 😻
Despite the scary fireworks from last night, the kitties made it through!

We kept 4th of July red, white, and Blueberry! 

"Nobody puts Baby in a corner..."

 Biarritz is one of our most curious kitties :)

Buddy is looking very regal today.

Cozy Ciapka!

Cinnamon is on the move.

Cooper was helping answer some emails this morning.

We call this "The Creation of Dusty" photo (haha). 

Grace is getting snuggly.

Hazel is catching up on some sleep after the 4th of July!

Henry is giving us sass :)

Hugo can never take a bad picture.

Jinx is queen of all she surveys.

Juno always makes us smile :)

Loki and Toulouse love each other!

Lounging Loki. 

Hugo and Lopo have some of the best seats in the house.

Louie is ready for a rest!

Luke really blends in with his surroundings 😹

Marcie: didn't expect to see you there!

Mika getting some yoga done on the catio.

Maggie: come back later please!

Minka is so precious.

Minna is always so talkative in the mornings!

Mishka, just hanging out.

Moose looks like a little Totoro! :D

Mr. T, taking it all in.

Nox is a big boy!

Orca on the catio.

Oyster loves to get cozy in the afternoons.

Pan is just the cutest :)

Photogenic Polly.

Toby, Quinoa, Stanley and Mika are all loving the catio.

Dreaming Rocky Rockstar.

Simon is the sweetest boy.

Skylar is just so beautiful!

Where there's sun, there's always Stanley.

Toby getting the shopping done for the week.

Welcome back TomTom!

Toulouse is always ready for a photo-op.

Braveheart always makes us smile.

Frank's cabin :)

Frankie taking a moment to stretch it out. 

Jazzy girl!

Kuro is so comfy on his own personal lillypad. 

Raffy saying "hello"!


We hope you have great extended weekend!

-Maddie, Allison, and the All My Kitties Team

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