Saturday, April 13, 2019

April 13th

One Day Left of Spring Break!

Frankie back in his favorite spot

Saoirse in the shadows

Lola loves her carrier!

Follie talks to me all day

LE wakes up to get some pets from me

Juno the office assistant 
Nina says "more pets, less selfies!"

Another view for Frankie 
Ben, those eyes!

Nina is off to find another less wiggly lap

Thanks for writing up the bills Juno!

Pancho is sound asleep

LE is just trying to sleep in here!

He seems to love hanging out with Aslan up there

Jub's jelly bean toes!

Ben takes a turn in the window

Zolo never wants to be left out

Hey dude! Just wake up Hunter?

Cleo eyes the action from the top of the stairs

Bear & Peanut Butter still getting settled in

Candy greets me with her tail raised high

King Raleigh!

Proud Merlin
....with Candy enjoying herself in the background
Zolo just wants to be held

Bobby perches like a gargoyle

Monkey do you like your new condo?


Bobby wants to see if Oyster will play...

Merlin, thief of beds (and my heart!)

Demure Millie 
Louie hears a who?!

Monkey is thinking about snacks...

Mighty Cougar!

Dusty's going to take flight with those airplane ears!

Millie is the Queen of the Catio 
Its so hard to get Dusty to be still for a photo! 

Baz is back!

Chloe with a Crunchy kitty in the background

Crunchy streeeeeetch

Cleo isn't sure if she wants to help me write bills today....

Hunter loves these Ikea beds

Coco shows off her pink tum tum

So soft!


Manny snuggles!

Window time!
Aslan, the office lion

Sorry to wake you with the flash, Luke!

He's digging his new luxury condo

Chloe is a customer favorite this week

Dusty says "ta-ta for now!"

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