Tuesday, April 23, 2019

April 23rd

Ever Have Days Like This?

Charles keeps watch over the catio

Simon has had a very mellow vacation
Howdy Cooper!
Blaire comes to spy on Kitzel

"this guy...SMH"

Merlin always close by

Pita matches the carpets

Clive really enjoying the catio

Sansa says "pet me right MEOW!"

Pretty Pita

Monkey on the move

Hey little Fin!

Millie watches me clean from the top of the condos

Fin is always ready for adventure

Zoe got so excited to see me she did a somersault!

Zoe mlems

Penny is kitten-sized joy!

Snuggle baby

"Oh heeeeey" - Fin

Merlin has such a handsome mug

Clive is everywhere!

Cooper ALSO matches the carpets

Sleepy little Millie angel

I thought this was Monkey!
Ciapka stole his spot in the catio

Binx found a great bird and people watching spot

Pretty peepers on Sansa

Biiiiig stretch for Mishka

She's a cute patootie!

Blaire looks so good in red 
Monkey face

Welcome back Brutus & Hyra!

Thanks for tuning in!

Your Blog Host(s),
Angela (& Penny)

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