Friday, April 5, 2019

April 5th

Spring Break is upon us!!!


Minka so lovely!

Little Mouse Mew.


Wise Tiberious.

Cloe is really warming up to the place!

Ollie, baby!

We are happy to see you too, Ringo!


Puss n' Boots loves the catio rain or shine.  

Magnificent Monkey.

Friendly guy Lamar.

Minka princess paws with luxuriously long hair between her toes.  

Where is my little Ista egg?  

Bobby just hopped out of his carrier and is ready to explore!  

Elsie has really come out of her shell.  

Elsie is very satisfied with her condo this visit.  

Sweetest Samuel.  

Chloe has just a hint of pumpkin-spice in her coat.  

L.E. looking relaxed. 

Saoirse just arrived moments ago.  

Inquisitive Ollie.

Who's your orange friend there, Manny?

It's Garth!

Bright-eyed Percy.

Juno is full of silly faces today.

A regular class clown.

Jubilee, I presume?

Welcome back, Poncho Villa!

My what fully paws you have, Tula.

Floppy, fun-loving Wayne.

Mew on the move!

Aslan is a lion!

And a sweetie pie!

Have a great day!

Your blog host,


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