Wednesday, April 17, 2019

April 17th

Sansa the Magnificent!

Raleigh looking cozy.

The lovely Chloe!

Bazbeaux hanging out on the stairs.

Smile for the camera, Coco!

Boots has a secret hide-away by the window.

Merlin rules over of all that he surveys.

Care to venture outside, Blaire?

Monkey spends his afternoons in the catio.

Cousteau is a BIG sweetie pie!


Sansa loves hanging out in her condo.

Handsome Blaire.

Sansa takes a turn about the Catio.


Chattin' us up, Maggie?

Cougar, proud and strong!

Chloe tabby coat was meant for the outdoors. 

Hello again, Maggie!

Frankie has really warmed up to the place!

Zelda makes adorable chorteling noises when she is being sweet.  

Nina is right at home in her basket.

Back to Dreamland, Jubilee.

Have a great day!

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