Tuesday, April 9, 2019

April 9th

Spring Breakers! 

Lily is in love with the catio

Candy is here to show her the ropes

Monkey in his favorite basket

Darling Fifi

Ollie you have my heart!

Tiberious watches over the garden all day
Mew is having the time of his life!

Stunning Chausette!

Bobby baby!

Caesar matches his condo

Cleo loves her condo almost as much as following me around all day!


Crunchy loves her condo too

Shadow is hoping Bobby will share that catnip toy

Chloe sure knows how to relax

Fifi and Bobby get to know eachother
Hunter stole Ollie's tee shirt!
It must smell like catnip!

Duncan checks things out from his spacious condo
Chausette got a turn with the catnip


Lily tries new bird catching methods

Monkey loves chatting with the birds

Cozy Candy found a cabin!

Penny on the move!
Papa Shadow looks for his brood...making sure his girls are okay!

Chloe spots some action in the garden

Mabel & Dipper are still getting settled in

I caught Juno taking a bath!

Elliot is just the SWEETEST!

This face melts hearts

Lil Saoirse is always stoic

LE shows off her beauty 
Sorry to have woken you Aslan!

Pancho holds the world in his eyes

Manny has the best stretch routine...yoga anyone?

Jubilee is one of the most chill guys
But look at that SMILE!

Pancho is luminous! 

Percy loves a good cave

LE loves a fresh bowl of water

Percy you are so tall!

Welcome back Follie!

Goose gets excited for her photoshoot

The "pet meeee" face

Aslan wonders what all the commotion is above his condo

Brushy brushy for Ista

Crunchy comes out for kisses!
(she gives the BEST kisses btw)

Tiberious holds things down in the catio
Manny drops down with a THUD and circles my feet for all the chin scritches
Skylar is quiet but majestic 
Such a handsome guy

Boo-boo hangs out all day in the window boxes, greeting customers as they come down the driveway!

Thanks for tuning in!

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