Thursday, April 25, 2019

April 25th

Fabulous Fin!

Merlin contemplates a big jump.

Picture-perfect Pita.

Brutus has the biggest paws in town.

Inquisitive Mishka.

What a dove!

She watches over he sister, Ciapka, who is equially sweet.  

Hyra is a delight.

Q-Tip watches the world go by from teh window sill.

Newcomer Kitty sure is a cutie!

Always a pleasure to see you, Aussie!

Boo appreciates a spots that's nice and high.


Frankie just arrived for another visit.

Merlin lives for his online audience (he's so photogenic!)  

Fin on the move again.

Petunia says, "Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the fairest?"

"Its me!"

Great to see you again, Purr-C!

Binx makes her way to the catio every afternoon.

Pita loves following the camera around.

Clive is a domesticated beauty!

He's got that big boy fur between his toes!  

Peaceful Monkey.

Kitzel likes haning out in his brand new condo almost as much as he likes the  catio!

Sensational Sansa.

Luna, light of our lives!  

Darling Frankie.

Petunia being a silly cakes.   

Binx is right at home in the catio.

Blaire is the handsomest of cats.

Bright-eyed Fin.

Have a great day!

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