Sunday, April 7, 2019

April 7th

Check Out This "Mouse" I Found on Vacation!


Welcome Newcomer Elliot!

Chaussette only wants us to capture her "good side"


Caesar pops out to say hello
Ringo has a BIG hello!

Tiberious looking cozy in a cabin

Monkey almost never wants to come inside

Cleo is a very curious girl

Chloe tells me all about the week while I was gone

Ollie is a people-lover!

Play me a song Ringo?

Skylar is bashful for the camera

Samuel says "I no like flash"

Tell us all about it Hunter!

Someone get him a modeling contract!

Playful little Elsie spins and spins when she wants the love

You want your door closed already?
Ollie in the shadows

Lamar inspects my cleaning

Caesar loving the view from the new condo 
Here comes Bobby!

Monkey looked cold so I tucked him least he's humoring me for now

Lamar on top of the world!

Chloe inspects the new condos
Bobby Baby!
Ringo slinks by... check out what silly Hunter was doing!
Cleo is such a pretty lady

Skylar loves caves...but hates the flash!
Sorry buddy!


Juno does the "monorail"

Percy always comes out for me

Pancho settles in for his nap

Garth is as cute as can be

Tula longs for quieter days

L.E. woke up to greet me!

Hi Wayne!

Boo-boo gets some fresh air

Its Wayne's World in the office today

Sisters from different misters

Minka gets some lovin

Grey cat party with Jubilee & Manny!

Manny makes the best faces

Jub-jub always happy for a head scritch

Feeling better Mew?

He says "much better now that I'm with you!"

Aslan is a happy guy upstairs

Minka waits her turn for the window
Boo-boo says "ta-ta for now!"

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