Monday, April 15, 2019

April 15th

Happy Monday!

The first thing I see when I come in the morning - Oyster face!

The next face I see when I am coming in - Monkey!

Majestic Cousteau! 

I wanted to show how big this sweet guy is
but Merlin photobombed us!

Candy shows off her yoga routine
Here, we have extended child's pose
A round of cat-cow pose

Back to "mountain" pose
Welcome Sansa!

She's a very inquisitive and explorative lady

Magical Merlin

Baz watches all the action

Dusty and Merlin love chasing each other around

A rare moment indoors for Monkey

Classic Blaire

Newcomer, Boots, is still getting settled

Lamar is getting all the extra snuggles today

We love Lamar! And he loves us!

Raleigh has such a sweet face

All the kitties were going crazy watching this little bird taking a bath

Merlin is luminous
There's a black Bear in the catio! 

"Camera seems good, whats next?"

Dusty just had to introduce himself since they are the same age!

Dusty is always looking for more friends

Its a Cat-n-the-Box!

"You rang?"

Chloe is taking the day off to sleep

She will hold your finger until you pet her!

Tula found a really good spot for her siesta

Nina dances around her condo for attention

Is it lap time yet?

Juno is a little sleepy angel

Jubilee and Aslan love chilling together 

Nap time for the little lion

If pictures could talk, you would hear the loudest purr from Jubs

Sleek Frankie 

"But, I'm not ready for my close up!"

Zelda isn't scared, she just loves to nap under the covers!
Just say her name and you'll hear her little squeek!


  1. Thanks for all the pics of my little girl! I'll be home to see her tomorrow!