Sunday, April 21, 2019

April 21st

Hoppy Easter!

These Three Amigos follow me around all day!

Merlin photobombs my Millie portrait


The moment before Orca bounced on Blaire and they went flying up the stairs!

Monkey way up high

Orca & Cougar getting along famously

Orca has the most amazing gold eyes!

Cougar is such a love this week

Blaire Bear!

Monkey in the canopy 

Fin has too many activities going to pose for me

I watched Merlin steal my phone and drag it into the catio by its strap....

So I took my phone out and let him have his way with the case

He loves it!

Sweet Almond face

Frankie is SO handsome!

Jasper plans his next leap

Tomtom watches Jasper leap from condo to condo

Baby Sylvia is too cute to be real!

This is how Zoe shows us she wants pets
Sylvia almost fell asleep in my arms

Jasper is a shoulder-cat!

Tomtom drools when he is the happiest
Almond Joy!

Sansa is the sweetest lil lady!

Millie in contemplation

Cooper lets another kitty know her boundaries!

Ciapka & Mishka are still getting settled

Cozy Monkey

Coop you make me wanna shoop

Simon has been sleeping all day until now

Catio time for Maggie!

Strike a pose

Roo says "wheres my dinner??" 

Action Jackson!
Frankie was fighting with the scratching post!

Here comes Penny!

So many things to see!

Sylvia says "ta-ta for now!"

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