Friday, April 19, 2019

April 19th

Cougar lickin' his chops.  

Inquisitive Tomtom.

Frankie loves to be in high places.

Jubilee greets us every morning by jumping on our laps!

Almond pops his head out of his basket to say hello.

Thank you for the pets!

Lounging Nina.

Jasper just arrived moments ago.

Sweetest Zelda.

Great to see you again, Roo!

Zoe is very satisfied with her condo assigment this visit.

Sit still for your portrait, Tomtom!

Beautiful Bazbeaux.

Millie Millie!

Cougar keeps his cool.

Almond takes a field trip to the catio.

Mild-mannered Monkey.

Sansa in her cubby hole.  

Fantastical Cooper.


Curious Zelda.

Who's that cutest kitten??

It's Sylvia!

Happy to see you too, Jackson!

Maggie loves having a condo of her very own.

Fluffy-pawed Simon.

Fin spends the afternoon outdoors in the catio.

You are the biggest cat we've ever seen!
And the floppiest!

Mystical Merlin.

Bright-eyed Orca.


Coco likes it in the dark.

Tao is back for another visit and she's already warming up to the place.

Boots watches the world go by from his house.



Have a great day!

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