Friday, March 11, 2022

March 11th, 2022

 March 11th, 2022

Happy Friday, friends!! We're jam packed full of sweet, snuggly babies today. Let's see how they're kicking off the weekend!

Ani is having a lovely little day in her condo - she's been swapping between napping in her basket and napping on top of it! She let Rascal come hang out with her for a bit yesterday, which was very kind of her. 

Artie and Mini are doing great! Mini just found a heated bed on top of their condo, so she's been snuggled up there during her free time. I think the "one paw out of the den" pose is Artie's signature. I think I always catch a photo of it at least 5 times while they're here!

Cindy is the embodiment of "Though she be but little, she is fierce!" She is a tiny gal who can totally handle her own. She loves curling up on top of the condos, way up high so she can see everything going on below.

Cleo and Donny just joined us yesterday. Cleo is curious and excited to explore! She wandered around the office for a few hours this morning before deciding she would, in fact, like to just hide out for a little longer. Donny thinks she's silly for going under the desk - doesn't she know they've got a huge den filled with blankets she can hide in?! Well, all the more space for Donny to sprawl out and get comfy!

Precious baby Doodle is shy but so sweet. Doodle enjoys curling up for warm naps inside this basket, and getting all the pets and love we can offer. Making friends with the other kitties is more of a "take it or leave it" kind of thing. No worries, you do you, Doodle!

What a beauty miss Ella is! She likes hanging out in her condo very much, but I've caught her sniffing around upstairs, and even on the catio for a bit some days!

Miss Elsie is doing FANTASTIC! She seemed to want to keep to herself for a few days, which is totally fine, but here lately she is curious and exploring and sniffing around the room like crazy! She's totally comfortable in her condo (and has several different favorite nap spots), so the mystery of the rest of the office has begun to entice her. 

Ernie and Goldie have warmed up a ton, too! At first, they were shy and suspicious... Now, Goldie is eager to say hi every time you come by the condo, and Ernie wants all the pets he can get if you pass by!

Garak and Seven have remained sweet opposites so far. Garak is curious, exploring, and social, while Seven enjoys her personal space, a comfy bed, and for the humans to leave her alone, please. As you wish, sweet Seven! Though I'm still going to try to befriend you, I'll let you have your space.

Guinness and Jasmine are back with us! These cuties have been doing great so far, too. Guinness really adores the dens they have in their condo, and can often be found curled up in one. Jasmine is curious, she'll usually roam the office for a bit each morning before finding a good spot to settle in for her afternoon nap.

Leo and Will are total sweeties! Leo likes the comfy spots - his den, the warm heated beds of the catio, etc. Will is more adventurous, rarely staying still for too long. He and RB introduced themselves this morning!

Oreo and Panther shared a nap together in the window seat today! Oreo isn't shy about wanting cuddles. He's curled up with our friend, Otis, a few times while Otis was visiting. When they aren't napping somewhere comfortably, you can bet both these sweet boys are trying to get in your lap and steal all your love!

Every afternoon, Oyster's alarm clock goes off in his mind. He KNOWS dinner will be soon... He's just not sure HOW soon. So, he'll follow me around letting me know he would indeed like dinner as soon as I am able to serve it. I tell him how long it'll be, and he still wants to hang out with me despite it being a few hours out.

Petunia! This sweet gal was one of the first kitties I built a friendship with when I started at AMK. I'm so excited to have her back visiting with us. She loves the warm baskets out on the catio, so I'm sure she'll be curling up in them ASAP.

Yesterday, Pico Kitten decided to be brave and she explored the office for a while! She found our cool window seats and enjoyed a nice nap in each one before heading back to her room.

Rascal stole my chair in the office for a while today! Well, I can't blame him, especially not when he looks THAT cute sitting there. What a handsome little hunk!

Oh, RB... He was doing some cool tricks on the stairs (racing up and down as fast as he can) when he landed himself in the laundry basket! It was so funny, I'm glad I was around to see it and take a picture of his goofiness trapped in the basket. He's a real social guy, mingling with allll the kitties! I love having him around.

That's it for today! We've got more kitties joining us today, so keep an eye out for our next blog on Sunday to see more pictures of some sweethearts!


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