Sunday, March 13, 2022

March 13th, 2022

 March 13th, 2022

Happy sleepy Sunday, friends. We're wrapping up this beautiful weekend with a great crew. Check it out!

Almond has been loving the catio! This basket is his favorite. 

Ani continues to be the sweetest sweetie there ever was! I hung out with her for a while yesterday and gave her a good brushing. She adored it.

Artie and Mini! Mini's been cracking me up today as she rolled around on top of her condo begging for more love. Artie looked like she was enjoying a sunny nap, without even having to leave her den!

Arwen always takes a little while to warm up, but Lego is ready for cuddles and curiosities! Both kitties have stayed with us before, and they seem like they're recognizing the office this time. It's so fun watching kitties build up their confidence over time!

Speaking of building up confidence, I don't have photo evidence, but Cleo came and hung out with me today! She sniffed around the desk, let me give her some love and attention, and eventually made her way back to her cozy spot under the desk. Donny, still perplexed by Cleo's choices, gave me a few good sniffs from the safety of his den today. Little by little, building that bravery!

Doodle went out for an adventure today! Doodle has spent a lot of time snuggled inside a warm den, but today was all about exploration. Up the stairs, down the stairs, to the top of one of the condos... A very busy day, for a very sweet Doodle.

Duncan and Lily were a part of Doodle's adventure day! Both of these sweet siblings hung around nearby Doodle and they all took naps together. There were fuzzy babies everywhere I looked at the top of the stairs this morning!

Miss Ella went out and about today too, adventuring until she found Oyster's basket. I think she might be a liiiittle bit too big for it, but hey, she seemed to love it!

For the first time that I've been around to see it, Seven explored the catio! She found a cozy spot inside one of the cat cabins out there. Garak must have been bragging about how cool it was out there - he's been a huge fan for a few days now!

Siblings Guinness and Jasmine have kept things chill today. Jasmine found a catnip banana that she just adored playing with, while Guinness watched her from his den. 

Jubilee is back! He has such a deep meow, it really adds to his personality. I feel like we really build relationships with some of the guests over the months and years as they stay with us more often - Jubilee is definitely one of those. He's become a good buddy of mine, and I'm always genuinely happy to see him!

Miss Luna! She's a newbie here, and it's safe to say she's a little suspicious. But she's sweet, and curious enough about the world to come out of her den and hang out where she can see more of what's going on! She's been eating great too, and I think I'll catch her hanging out on the catio in the next day or so...

Millie is back with us and is loving her shelf on the catio! She's been here so many times, she knows what she likes. This weekend, it's been straight to the catio for naps and birdwatching as quickly as possible!

I can barely handle how handsome Oyster looks in these photos! What a sweet boy. He's been following me around the cattery any time I'm downstairs!

Patrick is here, and he finally has a friend who matches his energy level! Patrick and RB are like a match made in heaven, though I'm not sure if Patrick knows it just yet. They both have the same enthusiasm and energy level, but Patrick can sometimes be a little too cool for younger kitty RB... You know, classic big brother/little brother stuff. By the end of the week, I think they'll be inseparable. 

I called it! If you didn't hear me say it before, here it is again: Miss Petunia ADORES the baskets on the catio. Those heated beds? Lots of blankets? A cool breeze and birds to watch?! It's just perfect!

RB looked so handsome today, sitting like a proper little guy on our chair in the office!

And last but not least, RB! He's been bouncing off the walls as usual. He provides SO much entertainment, joy, and laughter for both staff and other felines alike. It's been so fun getting to spend time with him!

That's it for today! We'll be back on Tuesday with more kitty updates. See you then!


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