Monday, March 7, 2022

March 7, 2022

 March 7th

Happy Monday, everyone! 

We had another exciting weekend and this week works at it'll be busy as well! Everyone is loving the new friends! 

A few photos on some adorable budding friendships! 

Rascal is off exploring today! He has decided to take turns with Oreo and Panther laying in my lap as I work on the computer!

RB is a wild child! His new BFF, Chip, left today so he has been greeting all the new cats! He is read for friendship!

Otis is a lover! He is quick to greet me every morning! He loves running out of his condo in the mornings and finding a new place to explore! Today, it was the closet!

Ella is back and has settled in quickly! She has been busy today exploring and refamiliarizing herself with our house! She has gone everywhere from the top of the stairs to the end of the catio! 

Izzy loves the top of Condo 4! Today, she has to learn to share it with Doodle! After talking it out, they agreed to a 50/50 split of the real estate! Otherwise, she can be found out on the catio!

Leo and Will both did some exploring today! They were both interested in the catio! Once they sun hid this afternoon, however, they were back inside!

Oreo and Panther take turns who wants to have the snuggle time! Today, they had to learn how to share my lap with Rascal! They were very confused! 

Garak and Seven decided to have a relaxing day! Seven was inside exploring the other condos while Garak was out lounging on the catio! 

Elsie is not as enthusiastic about the new arrivals! She is introvert and is not a fan of the chatter cats!

Cindy is also not a fan of the larger new furry friends! She has decided that she will stay in her favorite napping area near the heating vent!

Mini was out exploring today! She was very curious about what I was doing with my day and always close by! Arti is a sweetie who is always quick to greet me and other customers! 

Ernie and Goldie are settling in well! They enjoy their condo at the top of the stairs! They have not been too interested in exploring downstairs yet but they like exploring the upstairs landing! (Sorry about the blurring photo of Goldie! She is always in motion ๐Ÿ˜€)

Doodle has been out exploring today! He has made a tentative friend in Izzy! They have agree to share the top of a condo! 

Scout is back! He has settled in like he never left! He is back in the same condo which he loves! He is always down for a good snuggle! (I am sorry that the photo is not great! Scout just wanted to play and have his belly rubbed! I could not get him to be still enough for a better photo)

Ani arrived yesterday! She has settled in well and loves her basket! Her condo is right next to a window and she is all about naps in the sun! 

Cat Fun Fact! Your cat’s grooming process stimulates blood flow to his skin, regulates his body temperature and helps him relax!

Have a wonderful start of your week and we will see you on Wednesday! 



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