Saturday, March 19, 2022

March 19, 2022

 March 19th

Happy Saturday! We hope your weekend is off to a good start!

It is cloudy here today so our furry friends are taking the day to relax! This photo is from when I arrived at work this morning 😀

Arwen loves the tops of the condos while Lego loves his condo! Arwen is not as interested in head rubs while Lego can not get enough! What opposites! 

Ani is a snuggle monster! She loves sitting next to the computer in her basket and purring at me!

Cleo and Donny have been out and about today! Donny hates the vacuum but it all about the love when the coast is clear! Cleo gets very playful once the head rubs begin! Donny was feeling a little camera shy today while Cleo was a ham!

Chip loves the catio! She is so happy to be hangout with her friend RB again! She has been making more friends and she has spent the day watching the birds with them! 

Duncan and Lily love the warmth at the top of the stairs! Their routine is to do a quick walk around the catio and then head up to their favorite spot to nap!

Doodle is a sweet shy guy! He was bird watching today! All the cats are out on the catio watching the birds come back for spring!

Francine and Maureen are settling in well! They like hanging out on the top of the condos! They are warming up and enjoy watching the birds out the window! 

Garak and Seven have warmed up a lot! Seven has been much more interested in exploring and Garak is very in love with the catio! 

Mak is another shy guy! He has made friends with Cleo and Donny! The three of them love to hangout together at the top of the stairs!

Mando is out and about! He has been exploring all morning! He has been very interested in everyone and every nook in the room! What a curious guy!

Mabel and Orchid love their condo! Orchid had been exploring other condos today! She wants to find the perfect one! Mabel, on the other hand, has been napping the day away!

Mochi loves her window box! She would spend all of her time there if not for her love of food!

Olive is still a little grumpy! She has been slowly warming up! She is not very interested in the other cats! She loves watching the birds out the window! 

Patrick has been making friends! He loves watching the spring time birds with his new friends!

Petunia is a cutie! When is time for a head rub, she will go running after you with her demands! 

RB is the wildest! He has made more friends and loves to run around the catio with Patrick, Athena, and Chip! 

Roscoe is back and it is like he never left! He is determined to get a bird and spends most of his time on the catio!

Stevie is a shy gal! She loves to hangout in the shelves behind the condos or in the cat cabins out in the catio! She loves her heated blankets! 

Shasta and Whitney are settling in! They both like their baskets and have not been too interested in exploring yet! Shasta was very grumpy with Whitney but they are much happier with their larger separate baskets!

Rascal is a cutie pie! My favorite thing every morning is to get a good snuggle!

Beau loves a good nap! He loves heated pads and sleeping the afternoon away!

Noodles is a little grumpy! He is not interested in exploring but he loves his condo and his food! He is a very noisy eater! 

Cat Fun Fact! Ancient Egyptians valued dogs for their ability to protect and hunt, but cats were thought to be the most special! Ancient Egyptians believed cats were magical creatures, capable of bringing good luck to the people who housed them!

See you all on Monday!



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