Monday, March 21, 2022

March 21, 2022

 March 21st

Happy Monday, Everyone!

Our furry friends have decided that nothing is better than napping on a cold wet day!

Ani was very playful this morning! In the afternoon, she loved snuggling down in the rain! 

Blueberry has settled back in like she never left! She is a very chatty girl and likes to remind us when it is time for dinner!

Francine and Maureen have been exploring all day! Francine has been in non-stop motion while Maureen has been chilling by the heating vent!

Garak and Seven love being on the catio in the rain! They have both spent the afternoon napping to the sound the rain on the roof! Garak is in a basket and Seven in a cat cabin!

Mak decided to stay in today! He has not interest in exploring in the rain! He wanted some extra snuggles today!

Mando loves everyone's condo! Everyday, he chooses a different condo to hangout in! Today, it was Shasta and Whitney's condo!

Mabel and Orchid love their condo! They are always super to come say hi and get a good head rub through!

Monkey has been hanging out of the catio today! He loves napping in the heated cat cabins while it rains!

Noodles is out and about today! He has been busy exploring! He loves the tops of the catio and looking out the window!

Olive decided today was perfect napping day! She loves watching the other cats but not interacting with them! The cutest wallflower!

Petunia is in her favorite basket! She loves napping in her basket rain or shine!

RB does not care that it is raining! He just wants to run on the catio! He is always ready for snuggles!

Roxanne is back and happy to be here! She loves her condo at the top of the stairs and is welcoming to all visitors!

Shasta and Whitney also did some exploring today! They went into everyone's condos and looked through everyone's carriers in the closet! Sorry that these two photos are blurring, our girls were on the move today!

Stevie went on an adventure to the top of the stairs today! She has decided that she likes Noodles' condo best!

CAT FUN FACT! There are cats who have more than 18 toes. These extra-digit felines are referred to as being “polydactyl.”

See you all on Wednesday!



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  1. Garak is very polydactyl heheh, his front ones had to be removed when he was very young but still more than enough beans to go around