Thursday, March 31, 2022

March 31, 2022

 March 31st

Happy Thursday!

All of our furry friends are having a wonderful relaxing day!

Friends playing together in the office!

Asha and Jinx have been exploring a lot today! They each take turns with who is out of the condo exploring! They do not like to leave their condo unattended!

Archer and Janeway are having a ball! They love exploring both inside and out on the catio! They are very interested in all pick ups and drop offs!

Alala explored her condo this morning! She was not interested in exploring outside her condo yet but that alright! She is a new friend! 

Ani is her usual playful self! She is always ready to play with one of the toys as long as she can stay in her basket as she does so!

Bootsie and Puss N Boots have both taken to exploring this trip! Bootsie especially has really started to explore! It is great to see how much more comfortable she is now!

Skinny and Ginger has been warming up a lot! Skinny is not yet interested in being friends but Ginger will never say no to a good head rub!

Felix and Scarlett are back and it is like they never left! Scarlett is already enjoying her favorite napping spot and Felix is relaxing in his condo!

Garak and Seven have really opened up since they first arrived! Both have gained a lot of confidence! They both love to get a good head scratch every morning!

Haru is a snuggly guy! When he is not asking politely for a cuddle, he is in the window box!

Jade has been very busy today! She has been very interested in exploring the catio! She is not very interested in making friends with Garak and RB yet but they are working on her!

Noodles is a silly man! He loves hanging out of the catio! When he sees anyone, he immediately rolls on to his belly!

Ollie and Otis have both been exploring today! Ollie especially loves to run around and see what everyone else is doing!

Rascal is having a great napping day! He has spent most of the morning sleeping in my lap!

RB is still running around with his bestie, Garrak! Today, they decided that they would only hangout on the catio!

Tula has been a great eater for us! She loves her dinners the best and is always ready to demand a treat!

Jasper is a new friend! He spent the morning exploring the office and closets! This afternoon he decided to head back to his condo for a nap!

Cat Fun Fact! Cats are nearsighted, but their peripheral vision and night vision are much better than that of humans! If you are too close, they will recognize you by scent not by sight!

We will see you all on Saturday!



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  1. Garak favorite spot at home is on top of the laundry pile, begging for pets and as soon as you touch him he aggressively starts grooming himself and your hand. I hope he’s been giving y’all lots of kisses for how well you’ve been taking care of him and his sis.