Tuesday, March 1, 2022

March 1st, 2022

 March 1st, 2022

Happy March, everyone! I have always considered March to be the start of spring, even if it isn't official until the 21st. The weather has been so lovely today, and our kitties are all enjoying it. Take a look!

Chip was totally striking a model pose on the stairs earlier today. She's been spending most of her time on the catio, but she penciled me in for our photoshoot before her day got too busy.

Lily and Coco are doing great! They're absolutely gorgeous kitties, and they both have such lovely personalities, too. I've caught Lily lounging on top of the condos, while Coco tends to explore the office in rounds throughout the day to see what the other kitties are up to.

Dusty has been keeping a very tidy condo this week! I'm very impressed. She's obviously a lady of refined tastes. She heads home tomorrow, and I know she is very excited to see her people!!

Felix and Scarlett are, once again, up to their usual... BUT! Felix actually hopped out of their condo this afternoon! He's usually one to chill in his den, but he did a proper look around earlier. I think even he had to enjoy a bit of fresh air through the window seats!

Garak and Seven seem to be settling in well! Seven is still pretty suspicious, but she's made herself at home in their den. Garak has been a bit more curious - he's exploring outside of their condo a good bit, though he's not ready to be BEST friends with me just yet. 

Izzy was our DJ today! Sometimes, we like to play some classical music for the kitties. I think Izzy enjoyed it. After her radio hour, she curled up in Leo and Will's den to nap with them. I love seeing the kitties make friends!

Kira had this great perch all to herself today. It's perfect for looking outside without having to BE outside. A great find, Kira!

Leo and Will are doing wonderfully! They snuggled up for naptime together today, and it was very precious. While both boys are taking things slow and steady, they're very, very interested in all the pets and snuggles I have to offer. Such sweeties!

Oreo and Panther are having a great time, too! Panther actually made a friend in Rascal - he hopped up in Rascal's condo and took a little nap. Rascal, as you'll see below, was totally fine with this development, as usual!


Rascal and one of his many new friends, Panther. Rascal just radiates good vibes and comforting energy, so I think all the other kitties pick up on that and just want to be around him. He's stolen my heart, that's for sure!

Otis looooves the window verandas. He's been sitting in this window seat all day! With a gentle breeze and sunshine coming in, I can't blame him for wanting to soak it up.

RB, our youngest, most mischievous guest has been having the time of his life here at AMK. He's got a favorite toy that's attached to one of the condos, and he spends about 80% of the day playing with it. When he gets bored, he takes a lap around the room to see what the other kitties are up to! 

And last but not least, we have our sweet chunky boy, Simba! He's doing great, too. He explored the catio for a little while today, but his comfy den has a great view of the downstairs cattery, so he doesn't even have to lift a paw to get all the entertainment he desires.

That's it for now! Our wonderful gang of sweet babies will return on Thursday for another update. See you then!


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  1. Awww!! Garak warmed up pretty fast after we adopted him, I’m sure he’ll be weaving between your legs in no time ­čśé don’t take sevens behavior personally, she won’t come out till she gets jealous of all the attention Garak is getting. Hehehehe