Wednesday, March 23, 2022

March 23rd, 2022

 March 23rd, 2022

Happy Hump day! We're making our way through the week here at AMK! We've been getting a lot of spring cleaning done and the kitties are very interested in everything.

We had a whole party of kitties hanging out on the stairs today! It's so cute seeing them all together, like friends chatting about their plans for the day.

Ani took advantage of the sleepy vibes today and got a great nap in! She's a big fan of her basket, both being inside it and on top of it.

So sorry for the blurry picture of Blueberry, but she's been on the move today! She had a lot of errands to run and simply didn't have time in her schedule to pencil in our photoshoot, so we had to take some paparazzo-style pictures.

Garak and Seven hung out on the catio today! Garak continues to be such a wonderful boy, always happy to see us. Seven is still a little unsure, but she REALLY becomes our biggest fan when it's dinner time.

Loki has been spending most of his time hanging out with his best buddy, Scout! The two of them are always hanging out in Scout's condo. Its very sweet when the newbies make a friend!!

Handsome Mando looked like a total supermodel as he left his den earlier when I was snapping pictures. 

Mantou had a balanced day, a little nap inside, a little exploring, and plenty of pets and cuddles!

Handsome Monkey loves the catio! When I bring him in for dinner, he makes the cutest little squeaky noises.

This is Noodles' face after I say "Dinner Time!"... I translate it to mean, "OOOH, dinner, you say??" This handsome little chunk is always interested in a good meal. Me too, Noodles!

Olive was READY for her photoshoot today. You can't tell me she isn't a model - look at that face! So precious.

RB was up to his usual tomfoolery today - forever jumping in our laundry basket! I'm just glad it's always empty, he might be in for a gross surprise if he hops in while we're still cleaning the condos!

Roxanne, like Blueberry, was on the move today! She likes following us around the cattery. I think of her kind of like a supervisor, making sure things are going as planned.

Scout and his best buddy, Loki, spending some quality time together today! They really do properly hang out, it's very cute.

Whitney and Shasta have different interests during the daytime - Whitney LOVES our window seats, but Shasta is more interested in seeing what we humans are doing. She's got to have a seat where she can get the 411.

Stevie heard it was a rainy day and she was thrilled to spend it snuggled indoors!

Tula got the same memo as Stevie - there's nothing like a rainy day to make you want to curl up with your blankets!

That's it for today! We are keeping very busy here - spring cleaning means keeping the cattery spick and span for all our furry friends! We'll see you again on Friday with our cute little crew.


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